What Size Hail Can Damage a Roof?

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If you live in Dallas, Texas, with spring on the near horizon, you probably know that roof hail damage repair is possible. You probably already have some, but what does old hail damage look like? On asphalt shingles, the hail damage is going to be the same as when it first happened, but if the shingles have faded and have signs of hail damage, it is more likely it is roof hail damage. Repairs or a replacement to be done will be determined by the roofing contractor. 

So, how do you know if you have hail damage on your roof from a recent hailstorm?

After a hailstorm, as a homeowner, you should walk around your home’s exterior and check for hail damage. A new homeowner, or somebody new to Texas, may not know what roof hail damage looks like though. While a professional roofing contractor will know, you should have some idea when you need roof hail damage repairs, you know whether you need to schedule a professional inspection. Some indications that you may have hail damage would be any of the following: 

  • Bruising: Bruising on the shingles happens when the velocity of the hailstones impacts the shingle granules. Hail damage isn’t always visible, so you can check for indentations on the shingle surfaces if you’re able to climb a ladder safely.    
  • Loose or Missing Granules: Loose or missing granules can signify your roof has aged to the point of needing replacement. Or it can be caused by hailstones. In most cases, when roof hail damage repair or replacement is needed, the underlayment will be showing through. 
  • Dented Gutters or Roof Vents: Dented roof vents are a strong indicator you need hail roof damage repair or maybe replacement. When this is apparent, it is important to contact a professional roofing contractor for an inspection and estimate. Then call your insurance agent.

Cracking: When large hailstones hit your roof at a high velocity, they leave behind circular patterns. Can 1-inch hail damage a roof, and can ½ inch hail damage a roof? Yes, even smaller hailstones can cause the need for roof hail damage repairs.

close up of clay roof damaged by hail

What is the largest size hail ever recorded?

On the record, in 2010, South Dakota is home to the largest hailstone in this country with a diameter of 8 inches. Bangladesh is home to The Vivian hailstone, the heaviest at 2.25 pounds in 1986. Here in Texas, on April 28, Hondo, Texas collected a massive hailstone that measured 6.4 inches in diameter, the biggest one for The Lonestar State on record. Can you imagine the amount of roof hail damage repairs these hailstones left?!

What is the most hail-resistant roof?

The term “hail-proof” can be misleading because there isn’t anything that is 100% hail-proof. Hailstorms can be catastrophic weather events. There are, however, varying degrees of hail resistance, with rubber roofing being the most sturdy and resistant to hailstones. This recycled material is low maintenance and quickly becoming a popular choice in hailstorm-prone areas. 

Another roofing material that can withstand hailstones is asphalt shingles. There are different levels of asphalt roofing materials and depending on the level you choose will define the amount of roof hail damage repairs you’ll need.  

This roofing material is typically made from cellulose, wastepaper, wood fiber, and other materials, with an adhesive asphalt, added, then topped with a granule finish. This type of roofing material bends, making it a level of durability to hailstone. 

These roofing material choices are not recommended for hailstorm areas: 

  • Metal: Metal roofing is a durable material that holds up to hailstone impacts but will show the dents, taking away from the aesthetics that makes metal roofing popular. 
  • Clay, slate:  Not only are these roofing materials aesthetically pleasing but are extremely vulnerable to cracking during a hailstorm.   

Are hail-resistant shingles worth it?

Definitely!  While the front-end cost is higher for a hail-resistant roof, hail damage repair needs are less likely to be needed. A replacement roof won’t be needed as often either, meaning you get a longer lifespan for the money.

Topping It Off – How do you hail-proof a roof?

The roof isn’t the only part of your home that can be damaged by hailstorms. There are steps you can take to protect your home from needing structure or roof hail damage repairs. 

  • Keep your roof repaired and replace as needed from age or roof hail damage repairs. 
  • A steep-sloped roof is less likely damaged by hailstones.
  • Choose skylights that are impact-rated.
  • When replacing siding, choose a fiber-cement type of siding.
  • Keep blinds, drapes, or window shades closed during storms.
  • Keep tree branches and limbs trimmed back from the roof. 

Review your homeowner’s insurance policy every 6 months so that you are familiar with the coverage. If you’re unsure of the coverage, contact your insurance agent or insurance company. 

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