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Business and home owners alike are always looking for the best roofing material that extends protection to the interior while providing a sleek look. That is why Accent Roofing & Construction offers single ply installation for Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas. For both residential and commercial roofing, you can trust us to get the job done.

With professionalism and experience unmatched in the roofing industry, our roofers will handle all of your single ply roofing needs for a stress-free experience. Call 214-295-5500 to set up an appointment and understand why our single ply installation options are second to none. Have our expert roofers improve on your home or business with the flat roofing that has benefited many other clients across Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas.

What Single Ply Roof Installation Can Do For You

Businesses that want a reliable roof need look no further than single ply roof installation. With each modern material provided for single ply roof installation possessing similar advantages, you can expect the following benefits with each:

  • Resistance to hail 
  • Waterproof
  • Supports foot traffic
  • Needs relatively little care to last

With each of the materials we offer for single ply roof installation, clients will see each of these benefits and more depending on their choice. Accent Roofing & Construction offers a few options for single ply roof installation that provide the customer with a unique advantage depending on their choice. 

The first product we install is modified bitumen, one of the toughest roofing options available to customers that have an interest in single ply, multiple-ply, or built-up roofing. Modified bitumen, also known as tar-and-gravel or asphalt, gives the customer a roof that holds heavy foot traffic and resists heavier impacts as well as puncturing. While other roofing companies are moving away from the material, we understand the interest in it and offer both installation and repair for modified bitumen. 

Another option we extend is EPDM membrane rubber roofs for single ply roof installation. Similar to modified bitumen, EPDM can handle the weather extremely well, having the added benefit of not being susceptible to water build-up. The difference for roofers in EPDM is the relative ease in installation compared to other options. 

Our final option for single ply materials comes in the form of the TPO membrane for single ply installation. Sharing most qualities as the prior two, TPO brings superiority in how strong its seams are compared to the other options. 

Whichever choice you land on for your roof, trust Accent Roofing & Construction to help you with all of your flat roof installation and repair needs today. Call 214-295-5500 for more information about each material and to set up an appointment for a single ply installation.

We Repair and Replace Single Ply Roofs

Unlike shingles and metal sheets that are installed on each client’s roof, single ply roofing is subject to tearing and puncturing when under extreme pressure. That is why we provide single ply roof repair services for anyone owning a flat roof. Residents and commercial business owners alike in Dallas, TX can experience the professionalism distinctive in Accent Roofing & Construction as they repair any of the roofing selections we offer.

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Let Accent Roofing & Construction have your back for all of your single ply installation needs in Dallas, TX. Our roofers with their experience and qualifications can handle any of your roofing related requests guaranteed. Call 214-295-5500 today to make an appointment for our single ply installation services and understand how they can benefit you.