Flat Roof Repair and Installation

Roofer Finishing a flat roof

We Serve Flat Roof Owners

Accent Roofing & Construction provides full flat roof repair, replacement, and installation services for property owners in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas. Trust our roofers to install or keep your flat roof in fantastic condition. Call 214-295-5500 today to make an appointment for a flat roof installation in Dallas, TX.

Install a Flat Roof to Your Property Today

Just like slanted roofs, customers have the choice of what kind of roofing they want when in their flat roof installation. Choices for flat roofs include modified bitumen, membrane, and built-up roofing each of which provides benefits to the exterior and interior to your building. Such benefits to your include: 

  • Resilience to weather like hail 
  • Insulation on the interior of your property and helps winter electric bill
  • Low maintenance compared to slanted roofing

In technicality, most flat roofs have a minor slant that provides run-off for rainwater and melting snow. Flat roof installation is also less expensive compared to regular roofing. If you are interested in having a flat roof installed to your commercial space, call 214-295-5500 today to make an appointment.

We repair Flat Roofs

For every kind of roof we install and replace, Accent Roofing & Construction provides repairs when the weather brings damages or another roofing company makes a mistake. We maintain only top-notch services for our customers in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas. 

We provide hail damage roof repair for customers that are caught in a hail capable storm. Whether your flat roof has a skylight or gravel covering, we will help you make it as good as new with our certified roofers. 

If in the unfortunate circumstance you are in need of emergency roof repairs, Accent Roofing & Construction provides the service for temporary repairs until we can further provide a long term solution. 

An older flat roof with skylights

Install Your Flat Roof Today

Reviews from property owners in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas back us up when we say that our services are the best the industry has to offer. When choosing a roofing company for flat roof installation in Dallas, TX, choose Accent Roofing & Construction with a call to 214-295-5500 today. Our roofing expertise is second to none.