Specialty Roofing

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Experts in The Roofing Field

Specialty roof installation has provided itself as a service on the rise across the United States with more Americans having specialty roofs installed each day. Stay in Texas for a summer day and you’ll understand why many residents of Dallas, TX are making the switch. Accent Roofing & Construction understands the interest, helping homeowners in the area take advantage of the benefits that come with metal roofing. If you are looking to install specialty roofing onto your home, we can help you, call 214-295-5500 today for more information about a specialty roof installation for your Dallas, TX property.

A Roof Unlike Any Other

Clients that work with Accent Roofing & Construction know we install roofs to their specifications. With each client in Dallas, TX we have several options past traditional styled roofing that can both enhance the appeal of their home and give a broad array of benefits with each option. Our specialty roofing options include:

  • Metal
  • Slate
  • Tile
  • Synthetic

Our team of specialized roofers can bring you a roof that surpasses what other companies can build. With our specialty roof installation option, you can add to your house a roof that is of your choosing. Each step of the installation process, you are well informed and will have the knowledge that you are getting the exact roof of your choosing.

We Install Specialty Roofs

Regardless if you’re the owner of a commercial building or a home in a neighborhood, Accent Roofing & Construction can provide you with specialty roof installation at an affordable price. Whether its metal, slate, tile, slate or a synthetic roof  Our certified roofers can provide you with a professional service and keep you informed at every step of the process.  

With our commercial metal roof installation, we can provide your business with an up to date roof that will meet your needs guaranteed. Whether for a garage, school, factory, whatever the sort of business you have, we can help by installing a metal roof at a reasonable rate. 

We also provide cool roofing to both commercial and residential customers. Our service helps clients further their homes cool against the summer sun by effectively radiating the rays to the surrounding area. Have more questions about if it applies to our metal, slate, tile, or synthetic roofing options? Call 214-295-5500 for one of our certified roofers to help you and schedule an appointment!

Specialty Roof Repairs

Accent Roofing & Construction commits to being your primary roofing contractor of choice. That is why when your roof is damaged and needs emergency roof repairs, we offer them. You too can benefit from having a quality roofer support you like many of our clients in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas. Trust us and you will find a roofing company to rely on for all of your roof repair needs.

Hail can also be damaging depending on the severity. With our hail damage roof repair service, all you will need to worry about during a hail storm is staying inside. We repair homes in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas of hail when necessary and keep them strong so they won’t break to a little bad weather. 

Commercial Metal Roof Repairs

Just like neighborhood homes, we understand that commercial businesses receive damages to their roofs. We love businesses in Dallas, TX and all around. For that reason, we offer commercial roof repair to our business-owning clients. Trust Accent Roofing & Construction to offer your livelihood reinforcement on the occasion your roof needs repairs.

Accent Roofing & Construction values business in the area, especially local businesses. That is why we provide installation and repair services for multiple types of roofing for commercial buildings to keep the Dallas, TX economy booming. 

Our Services are at Your Disposal 

Being the experts in roof repair and installation, we bring only the best roofing services to the table. Our reviews are proof of our craftsmanship and skill. We make it a point to satisfy each customer because we see their roofs as they are. The most important part of a home that it protects their property and their families. 

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As a company, Accent Roofing & Construction prides itself in leading the competition in specialty roof installation and repair. Chances are if you’ve driven through Dallas, TX neighborhoods or by businesses, you’ve seen our handiwork. Our work is made to last, providing a final product that does its job and looks good doing it. 

Call 214-295-5500 for the best in specialty roofing in Dallas, TX. Accent Roofing & Construction can get the job done with the best roofers in the business.