Cool Roof Installation

Cool roof installed home

A Roof to Keep You Cool

Stay only a summer day in Texas and you will always have an appreciation for a home with a well maintained AC unit. Residents of Dallas, TX and surrounding areas know this feeling particularly well. That is why Accent Roofing & Construction provides homeowners the cool roofing service so your home can be well protected against the Texas heat. If you have an interest in cool roofing in Dallas, TX, call 214-295-5500 today to schedule your appointment to start the process and get one.

What is Cool Roofing?

Being a relatively new service, cool roofing designs your roof with sun reflective shingles or a sun-resistant coating that safely disperses the sun’s rays away from your home into the surrounding area. The result, your cool roof then provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces energy use
  • Improve overall temperature inside the home
  • Lengthen the overall lifespan of your home

One of our specialties includes cool roof installation. With the average electricity bill in Texas higher than much of the country, cool roofing in Dallas, TX provides an edge to homeowners looking to save their money in the hotter months instead of sweating it out in their own homes. With our cool roofing installation services, no longer do residents of Dallas, TX and surrounding areas can relax in a better temperature-controlled home.

New Technique, Same Repairs

Just like any of our other services like that of our metal roof installation, we know how to provide cool roof repairs. Our professional roofers take care of repairs and restorations in a timely manner. Our intention is to always provide the best customer service, hassle-free, at an affordable price. Don’t hesitate, call us today when you find yourself in need of emergency repairs and need the support of only the best roofing company. Contact us today so we can provide you with temporary measures to keep a roof over your head before coming back out to install long term solutions. In every cool roof installation, we make sure to take note of every tile on the finished product so that you can enjoy a cooler home without any mishaps or worries. If another roofing company mishandled the installation of your cool roof or you need cool roof repairs, call Accent Roofing & Construction today at 214-295-5500 to schedule an appointment for cool roofing in Dallas, TX. 

Cool Roofing on a home

Make Your Roof a Cool Roof Today

Trust Accent Roofing & Construction in Dallas, TX for the best cool roofing services that can be found in the industry. Our certified roofers with years of experience under their belts will get the job done with no stress to you and an affordable price for such an amazing product. With one call to 214-295-5500 today, you can set up an appointment and gain all the benefits that cool roofing can provide to your home.