Roof Leak Repair

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We Provide Roof Leak Repair

Often the most under-acknowledged threat to your roof that can cause the most damage comes in the form of leaks. When ignored, leaks cost homeowners an obscene amount of money to repair, having to repair and replace more than one section of their house because water or moisture had built upon those areas. Accent Roofing & Construction helps both residential and commercial roof owners in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas fix leaks the moment they are noticed. 

Our intention is to keep your roof sturdy and strong against anything that could affect it. With experienced and observant roofers, we take on every problem with successful solutions so you can have a roof that you can trust without worrying about the weather inside your building. Call 214-295-5500 today to set up an appointment and get your roof leak repair in Dallas, TX.

How Do Leaks Occur and How Do I Prevent Them

As one of the lead roofing companies in the area, Accent Roofing & Construction believes that education can be just as important as repairs. While not everything can be prevented in terms of severe storms and human error, leaks can be prevented to some degree to prolong the amount of time before you need roof leak repair. Here are a few things you can do: 

  • Trim branches hanging nearby your roof
  • Have us commit to regular inspections of your roof to spot aged shingles or spots needing attention
  • Replace roof flashing when necessary
  • Be observant of the interior of your roof to spot leaks early
  • Consider using modern shingles that are tougher and last longer than tradition shingles

Just as you cannot exactly predict the weather, there are times you cannot exactly predict when you will need roof leak repair. However, when you do discover your roof has a leak you can trust Accent Roofing & Construction. Call us at 214-295-5500 to schedule an appointment to fix your roof today.

Expect The Best for Roof Leak Repairs

Just like we handle a multitude of storm damages, we also thoroughly handle roof leak repairs. There is no better roofing company in Dallas, TX than Accent Roofing & Construction because we provide the best service at an affordable price.

We value businesses both big and local, that is why we provide commercial roof repair for owners of commercial roofs on their buildings. When a leak hits a business, the possibility of damages grows exponentially when ignored. Trust us to get the problem fixed without any damage to your livelihood.

Accent Roofing & Construction specialize in residential roofing repairs, helping keep roofs like clay and wood to metal and synthetic shingle damage free. Each of our installation, repair, and replacement services are extended to residents of Dallas, TX as well as the surrounding areas. Call 214-295-5500 today for an appointment to get your roof leak repair services.

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Contact Us

On top of all of our services, one Accent Roofing & Construction is most proud is our emergency roof repair service. When you experience events that compromise your roof, contact us and a team of experienced roofers will help you. We will provide emergency repairs and walk you through the next steps to keep your home safe. 

When you find or suspect your roof has a leak, give Accent Roofing & Construction a call. When calling 214-295-5500 you’ll have your roof leak repair for your Dallas, TX property in no time.