Modified Bitumen Roofing

preparing of modified bitumen

A Classic Material

Store owners have experimented with and relied upon multiple roofing materials to keep their livelihoods safe from times when the weather turns harsh. None, however, has proven to be as effective as modified bitumen – a material that has proven tough since the first modified bitumen roof in the 1930s. While some companies have moved away from modified bitumen installation and repair, Accent Roofing & Construction remains steadfast in our support of businesses interested in one of the toughest materials a roof can be made out of. 

With a material that provides so many advantages to the welfare and lifespan of a building, we can understand why many store owners in the area still use modified bitumen. That is why we make it a point to remain ready for modified bitumen repair and installation. Modified bitumen has proven to be reliable to many businesses and it can be yours today with our services, call 214-295-5500 for an appointment for a modified bitumen installation in Dallas, TX.

How Does Modified Bitumen Help Me?

Modified Bitumen, or asphalt combined with rubber polymers, has many benefits to provide both new and old buildings. With a minimum of only one-ply, a modified bitumen installation would bring the following benefits:

  • Easy installation in the cold and heat
  • Better insulation to the interior of the building
  • Resistance to hail and a waterproof roof
  • Flexible in frigid and hot weather
  • Tear-resistant and requires relatively little upkeep

For those looking for a material that would protect either low sloping or flat roofs in the  Dallas, TX area, a modified bitumen installation is the perfect solution.

Easy Repair at an Affordable Cost

While other companies are moving away from anything to do with modified bitumen, Accent Roofing & Construction understands the need to remain to both old and new clients interested in modified bitumen. That is why we provide modified bitumen repair services as well as general commercial roof repair services as well. 

Our certified roofers can provide any modified bitumen repair and go as far as modified bitumen replacement if the job calls for it. Being the leader in other commercial roof installations and repair, like that of metal roofing, we provide only the best in roofing services for those in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas. 

Waterproofing of modified bitumen

Trust Us For Your Roofing Needs

Whether you need modified bitumen installation, repair, replacement, or you’re just interested in more information about our services, Accent Roofing & Construction is always a call away. For the best-modified bitumen services, call 214-295-5500 today for an appointment and experience why our roofers do the best job with a modified bitumen installation in Dallas, TX.