Residential Roof Installation

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Have a Roof You Can Trust

Dallas, TX has seen an upsurge in homes being built with people moving into the area in droves. Whether you’re a Texas native or just moving in, trust Accent Roofing & Construction to install a quality roof onto your home for an affordable price and a definite lack of stress. With our experienced and certified roofers, we will handle all of your roofing needs so your roof will last. Call 214-295-5500 today for the best residential roof installation in Dallas, TX.

We Specialize in Roof Installation

Our famous residential roof installation is second to none with our roofers installing a roof that will take the stress out of the Texas weather and keep your home covered. To choose Accent Roofing & Construction is to choose a roof that you can trust. When extending our many services that customize your roof in our residential roof installation service, we build a roof that is a fit for you, your family, and compliments your home while protecting it. 

Included in our roof installation service, customers can choose from a wide variety of shingles and other products that add extra protection to an installed roof. Options such as asphalt shingles further protect the interior of your home by adding one of the toughest types of shingles at a cost-effective price. 

Another option for customers using our roof installation service is metal roof installation and repair. A common misconception is that only commercial roofs can be metal which is not true. Many residents of Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas have applied metal roofs in residential roof installation, each benefitting from the results. 

We also serve customers with flat roofs, providing flat roof installation and repair for customers with flat or low incline roofs. Customers with unique roofs will find that we have multiple services for their residential roof installation needs. For more services we provide and information on those mentioned, call 214-295-5500 today for one of our roofers to assist you.

We Will Replace Your Roof

Our roofs are built to last, but we also understand that a roof can fall victim to any number of damages. That is why we replace roofs that are either too damaged or too old to keep residents of Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas comfortable in their own homes. Trust Accent Roofing & Construction to replace and customize your roof with our many roof installation services.

We Repair Roofs Too

On top of our multifaceted roof installation service, we also service each customer with roof repair options that keep their roof running. When a Texas storm rolls through town and your roof receives damages, Accent Roofing & Construction has you taken care of with our extensive storm repair services. Let the weather be an afterthought when living in Dallas, TX and enjoy life in the area without having to stress about your roof. 

Even when hail hammers away at your home, you can trust our hail damage roof repair service to handle what damages your roof may have received and keep it ready for any storm that comes next. From pea-sized to baseball chunks of hail, our roofers can handle it all, giving you peace of mind for when the next storm does come around. 

In the event that your roof begins to leak, trust Accent Roofing & Construction to repair it with our roof leak repair service. Sometimes another roofing company makes a mistake during a residential roof installation or a storm causes some minor damage on your roof, we’ve got you covered. Whether you find it by chance or we find it through inspection, your roof will be maintained to be leak-free. For more information about our services or rates, call 214-295-5500 today to speak with a certified roofer.

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When building a new home or refurbishing an old one in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas, make the process easier with Accent Roofing & Construction. Our residential roof installation in Dallas, TX keeps homeowners happy with their roof and equipped with the knowledge that they have help if it ever gets damaged. You can count on us to get the job done by calling 214-295-5500 today for the best roof installation in Texas.