The Bridge Ministry

Lonnie & Nicole Hagen for Accent Roofing & Construction with singer and songwriter Amy Grant along with singer and songwriter Johnathan Cain for the band Journey.

Our Connection With The Bridge Ministry

The Bridge Ministry started in November 2004 out of a desire to reach the homeless and less fortunate people. Their heart is to love and help the homeless as well as the poor with children. The mission is to provide the non-profit service of bringing food and other essentials to the poor and homeless. The Bridge Ministry partners with other agencies to bring the necessities for everyday life to the needy. 

Make the World a Better Place Today

The Bridge Ministry website Kent & Candy Christmas

Facebook for The Bridge Ministry

If you want to help make the world a better place, visit their site, and maybe you’ll see us and others with Amy Grant and Johnathan Cain for Journey at their next fundraiser!


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