What Does Old Hail Damage on a Roof Look Like?

close up of snow on a roof

When Hail Falls

Whether it is your business structure or your home, hail damage roof repair isn’t something to take too lightly. What may seem like a small issue visually could have severe damage you don’t see. And because you’re located in the Dallas, Texas area, you can be sure more severe weather will develop at some point. 

So, instead of leaving to be susceptible to other weather events, have your roofing professionally inspected to determine if there are repairs needed. But, before you 100% trust the roofing contractor, what does hail damage look like?  

Damage to Roofs

Because most of the homes in Dallas have asphalt shingle roofs, we’ll work from that for what it looks like when you need hail damage roof repairs. A hailstorm will leave craters and dents, almost as if somebody used a hammer to beat on your roof. 

Because all structures in this area are subjected to a lot of sunny days, the UV rays can cause shingles to warp, weaken them, and this will allow those craters and dents to go through the shingle, damaging the underside and even the roof decking. You will also notice the following: 

  • Black pockmarks
  • Missing granules
  • Exposed roof felt or underlayment
  • Bruise-type marks
  • Cracked, loose, or torn shingles
  • Asphalt granules on the ground
  • Asphalt granules in the gutter runs and downspouts

Is there a roofing material that is more susceptible to hail damage?

Any roofing material that has a guaranteed Class 4 Rating is the best roofing material for a home. In the Dallas area, composite roof tiles have a reputation for being the best at withstanding hailstorms. 

What steps should I take if I think my roof has been damaged by hail?

After the danger of a hailstorm passes, walk around your home, and take notes, pictures, and videos if possible. If you’re able to climb a ladder, do this with the top of the roof, but only if you are able and it is safe. What should you look for? 

Among the things we’ve listed earlier, you want to look for damage to the fascia, soffit, gutters, and downspouts. Check your siding and windows, the mailbox, and any outdoor furniture and fixtures. If they have hail damage, there is a good possibility you’re going to need hail damage roof repairs too. 

Next, call a professional roofing contractor to perform an inspection. In most cases, they will offer a free inspection and those that do charge, will deduct that amount from your bill if you go with them for the hail damage roof repairs or a roof replacement. 

With your notes, pictures, and videos, along with your roofing contractors’ report and estimate, call your insurance company and file a hail damage roof repair claim. They will send an adjuster to your home to do an inspection. Having your contractor present is recommended to confirm the adjuster finds what they found. 

close up of hail

How much does hail damage roof repair typically cost? 

Every roofing contractor will price their hail damage roof repair jobs differently, but most are by the square footage of the damaged area or for an entire roof replacement. The cost will depend on the amount and severity of the damage too. In most cases, a roof with 25% or more damaged area will have replacement recommended.

Will my insurance company cover hail damage roof repair? 

Yes, the most basic of any homeowner’s insurance policy has hail damage roof repair or replacement coverage. Your out-of-pocket amount will depend on the type of deductible you choose. 

Are there any warning signs that hail damage is imminent and a way to prevent the damage? 

It is not humanly possible to prevent hailstorms, but we can take precautions that can minimize the damage to our homes. Those precautions include:

  • Routine inspections and maintenance. As soon as you notice broken, cracked, damaged, or worn shingles, replace them. The weaker the shingles, the more likely you’ll need hail damage roof repairs. 
  • Keep trees trimmed back. This eliminates the possibility of tree branches and tree limbs breaking off from hailstones and falling on your roof. 
  • Watch weather reports and warning during stormy weather. 

Saving Money: DIY Hail Damage Roof Repairs

If you’re able to climb a roof and have knowledge of basic tools, you can replace a few missing, cracked shingles yourself. However, if you file a hail damage roof repair claim with your insurance and do not use the money for that purpose, any future roof claims are likely to be denied. Your homeowner’s insurance company could choose to drop your policy as well. 

Your home is an important and probably the most expensive investment you’ll ever make. Remember that the roof is essential in protecting your home, so skimping on hail damage roof repair or not doing anything is leaving your home in a vulnerable situation. 

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