Why Roofers Should Invest in SEO

As a roofing company, we understand the importance of marketing our brand online. For this reason, we chose to invest in SEO services to improve our online presence. Investing in SEO for roofers has its pros and cons, which mostly depends on which SEO company you choose to trust. Many factors can determine which SEO companies are trustworthy, but some to remember are reviews, reputation, and their own website’s performance.

Is SEO Worthwhile for Roofing?

As a Dallas-based roofer, we found that SEO is definitely worthwhile. Since we service a major city in Texas, we know that competition is fierce. Ranking for keywords is important and SEO helps us achieve our online goals. Of course, some companies in smaller areas may be able to get similar results without paying for a service. It really just depends on how comfortable you are with online marketing and the degree of your company’s goals. Here are some of the things we focused on.

Accent Roofing GMB Profile

Google Maps

At Accent Roofing, our goal was to show up on Google Maps for specific keywords. Our agency optimized our Google My Business profile so that we would have a greater chance of showing up. Of course, we did our part by generating high-quality reviews from satisfied customers. To some degree, Maps rankings depends on your city’s map location, but you can maximize your exposure within your service area. We even use a tool that allows us to perform job site check-ins with embedded schema markup for visibility.

Google Search

Of course, the goal of SEO is to show up on Google search results, and we’ve been pleased with our progress since investing in SEO services. We show up for keywords like flat roof repair in Dallas, and lots of other similar terms. While the rankings themselves are great, we understand that converting traffic into qualified leads requires a strong landing page too. We look at the SEO process as an all-encompassing process of lead generation for our company. Seeing our brand show up on search results for various keywords definitely helps with credibility online.

Website SEO

We spoke a bit about landing pages completing the SEO process, but a lot of things go into website performance. For example, a fast-loading website appeals to users more than those that force them to wait over 3 seconds. Secondly, prominent calls to action make it easy for interested consumers to contact our roofing company and schedule an appointment. Also, easy navigation, specifically on mobile devices, ensures that interested users don’t drop out because of the difficulty of use.

Final Thoughts on Search Engine Optimization

At Accent Roofing, we believe SEO is helpful for achieving our business goals. While SEO is not required to appear on Google search results, competitive markets invest a lot into their online presence. To compete in a saturated service area, investing in search optimization makes great sense. We know that asking customers where they find us is a great way to see how our SEO is helping our company thrive in 2021.