What is the coolest roofing material?

cool roofing system

Does your commercial building need a new roof?

Then you’ve found the right article to decide what sort of roofing you want on your building and we’re going to talk about getting a cool roof. Yes, a cool roof is something that you’re going to appreciate during the hot Texas summer.  

Why, is cool roof cheap? No, that’s not the reason why. With a cool roof, benefits are numerous and when maintained as recommended, you won’t need to worry about a new roof for a long time! What kind of benefits does a cool roof offer? 

Go with the standard dark colored roof, it will hit 150°F on a typical Dallas summer day. A cool roof will keep the temperature down at least 50° cooler. There are two properties used to measure the coolness of a roof. Both are measure from zero to one and the higher the number, the cooler the roof. Those two properties are: 

  • Solar Reflectance
  • Thermal Emittance

Okay, so what are these benefits we keep talking about with a cool roof? Just to name a few: 

  • Reduced energy bills up to 30%
  • Indoor spaces are comfortable without using air conditioning
  • Maintenance expenses are less
  • The original roof life is extended
  • Urban Heat Island Effect is reduced
  • Less electric demand during peak times minimizes power outages
  • CO2 is lowered, alleviating air pollution and easing global warming

In overview, the cost of a cool roof for construction is about the same compared to other roofing materials, even a little more in some areas. Your extra expense will be rewarded in lower energy expenses and with government incentives and rebates, you’ll get some of that money back. A cool roof installation will ease the load on your HVAC system too.

What is a cool roof made of?

A cool roof should be made from a material that has the characteristic of reflecting the sun’s UV rays. The solar reflectance of cool roof and how it reflects sunlight is key in having a cool roof for your commercial building. Not only the UV rays you can see and feel, but the infrared and ultraviolet waves that heat a building’s interior too. 

Consider the emittance of the roofing material you chose, meaning, how long is the heat kept once the roofing has heated up. A high emittance rating releases the heat faster, thus keeping the building structure cooler. 

What color roof is the coolest?

A color for the coolest commercial roofing is either a beige, light gray, light green, and white. These colors provide the most UV-reflectiveness on those Texas hot, sunny days. Cooler colors will have less contraction and expansion, giving it a longer life. Along with choosing the right color, you need to choose a material  that has a reflectance level in the middle of zero and one. A cool roofing surface will have an emissivity of 1.0 in white for the best results. 

  • EPDM or THERMOSET ROOFING: Both are flexible in cold areas and UV resistant in warmer climates. 
  • PVC and TPO or THERMOPLASTIC ROOFING : Lightweight roofing for commercial building that are highly reflective, UV resistant, and durable weathering. 
  • GREEN ROOFING: Green roofing is a natural cool roof that has been around for decades but picking up more interest with the green movement and sustainability. 

 What color roof is most energy efficient?

For a cool roof color, choose colors of beige, light gray, or white to get the a high level of UV-reflectiveness. Lighter colors contract and expand less which helps them last longer. Of course, along with choose the right cool roof colors, follow the tips about solar reflectance and thermal emittance too. 

cool roofing system

Do Cool Roofs work?

In areas where the temperature and humidity aren’t that high, a cool roof isn’t as useful.  In areas where the summers are blistering and the humidity is as high as the temperature, yes, cool roofs work. A cool roof offer energy savings up to as much as 40% and with incentives and rebates, the cost of the cool roof installation can be minimized. Additionally, when it comes time to replace your HVAC system, with a cool roof, you can go with a smaller unit, which will use less energy, all saving you money. 

What if your commercial building doesn’t need a new roof right now, so getting a new cool roof isn’t going to happen. How can I cool my roof naturally? There are a couple of ways you can get a natural cool roof: 

If getting a cool roof means a new roof and you’re not in that position to get a cool roof, add a roof mist cooling system. Some refer to this as ad evaporative cooling system ad by setting up a low- low-tech system using a basic water hose and sprinkler head on “mist” you can cool the roof down by as much as 15 degrees!  

Or have a garden roof installed, an all-natural cool roof that will provide a stormwater runoff, provide cooling and shade for the building while protecting the original roofing. A rooftop garden will cost as much as $25 per square foot. Call 214-295-5500 today for your cool roofing system installation in Dallas, TX.