What is a Cool Roof System?

Cool roof

Explore Cool Roofing For Your Property

Commercial structures typically have a large roof surface, and here in Texas, that means a large area that heats up in the summer.  That heat radiates throughout the building, making it either uncomfortable or causing the HVAC system to run longer. Unless you have a cool roof installation done. 

 What is a cool roof?

A conventional roof surface can reach 150°F during the summer. With a cool roof installation, it will reflect the sunlight and absorb less solar energy. This results in lower temperature on the roof up to 50°F cooler, which keeps the interior cooler too. 

How much does cool roof technology cost?

A cool roof installation can be done using membrane systems, like modified bitumen, asphalt, metal, and stone/rock. A commercial structure owner may choose to use a coating instead like acrylic elastomeric silicone. Working with an experienced commercial roofing contractor is recommended to get the right cool roof installation material. 

The cost of a cool roof installation can vary depending on the different factors involved. Those factors include the location, local circumstances, and the type of material chosen.  A low-sloped roof can cost up to $2.00 per square foot, and a single-ply cool roof with a membrane can cost up to $3 per square foot.

That money is recouped by lowering the energy expenses each month and minimizing the maintenance expenses. A cool roof installation will help ease the strain on the HVAC system as well, extending the lifespan of this too. There may be tax credits on Federal and state levels as well that can help offset the expense.

What are the benefits of a cool roof installation?

There are several benefits to having a cool roof installation for your commercial structure. Among those benefits we’ve mentioned, others include:

  • Decreasing the cooling needed reduces the energy bills.
  • Extends the lifespan of an even older HVAC system during the hot summer.
  • Rebates and tax credits are available through government programs.
  • A cool roof installation can make it possible to downsize new the air conditioning system which increases the cooling efficiency.
  • Indoor comfort and safety are improved, requiring less air conditioning.
  • The roof temperature is lowered, extending the roof lifespan.

In addition to the benefit that each building with a cool roof installation can expect, there are benefits to the environment too:

  • The lower outside air temperature minimizes the urban heat island effect.
  • Smog formation by air pollutants is less, keeping the exterior air cooler.
  • Reduce electricity demand during peak periods, which helps prevent power outages.
  • Less energy demand decreases power plant emissions. 
  • Global warming is offset by the sunlight being reflected. 

What are the negatives of a cool roof?

A cool roof installation is beneficial during the summer, but there are downsides in the winter that should be considered. Because a cool roof won’t absorb the sunlight and reduces heat inside the building during the summer, it also reduces the heat in the winter. This can cause the heating system to operate more.

Other negatives from a cool roof installation include: 

  • Retrofitting can be expensive with the additional labor, materials, and prep work required. 
  • Cool roof installation has a high potential for algae and mold growth.
  • Lighter colors in cool roofing get dirty faster, which lessens the reflectiveness.

How long does a cool roof last?

The quality of the materials used and the cool roof installation process will have an impact on the lifespan. Where a conventional roof has an average lifespan of 10 years, a cool roof installation can last up to 30 years. 

Is a cool roof installation required in some states?

In California, cool roof installation meets the stringent cool roof requirements, some of the country’s strictest for both multi-family or single-family residential and nonresidential structures. , Other states that require cool roof installation include: 

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Texas

Do cool roofs on commercial structures need to be vented? 

Yes, ventilated roofing is as important with a flat roof cool roof installation as with conventional roofing. Proper ventilation is important because hot air rises and creates humidity in the highest part of the structure. Without proper ventilation, that heat builds up under the roof and can cause damage to the roofing. 

In Conclusion

Most commercial structure owners wonder if a cool roof installation is worth the cost. The answer is yes, it can be for most commercial buildings. A cool roof installation is worth getting quotes and doing further research for any size commercial structure. 

Then get quotes on conventional roofing and compare the pros and cons of both. While comparing the quotes, consider any rebates and tax credits that a cool roof installation will earn you as well. Check with your accountant as well to confirm if this year is the best time to get a new roof or go with roofing repairs only. Please call us now at 214-295-5500 for a cool roof installation in Dallas, TX.