Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Your Roof

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New or old, paying close attention to your roof is important to insure that your roof is in the best condition. Keeping up with the lifespan of your roof and taking care to make sure it lasts longer is crucial. Here are a number of factors that determine the lifespan of your roof.

The material is the most important factor in anything’s longevity and durability. Check the materials of your roof. Are you using the standard shingles that are energy efficient and durable or did you choose title or metal roofs for longevity? Choose the materials that best fit your budget and what you want for your home.

The elements play a huge factor in the lifespan of your roof. If you live in an area where it storms regularly or consistently has to endure harsh weather you may find yourself repairing your roof constantly. Most roofing systems can withstand detrimental storms and corrosive elements but eventually the high winds and constant downpours will take its toll. Even the strongest roofs have their limit.

A roof’s slope defines its ability to shed water. Resilient roofing systems have their limit in terms of how much pounding it can tolerate before loses its effectiveness. If you have low slope roof flat roofing systems are advised.

Heat accelerates the wear and tear on your roof. This especially happens when the roofing material is darkly colored. The dark materials absorb more energy. Intense ultraviolet radiation accelerates roof degradation. Fortunately certain roofing products are designed to deliver effective resistance against UV rays without sacrificing the beauty of your roof.

If your attic is poorly ventilated the heat cooks the roofing materials from the inside. It also causes condensation and makes the wooden roof deck vulnerable to moisture. Proper insulation is important. If it is inadequate it can cause the temperature in your attic to soar. Combine this with bad ventilation and it becomes difficult to regulate the attic’s temperature.

Everything starts with installation. Poor installation causes premature roof failure. It doesn’t matter if you choose the highest quality or not. If the installation was poor this will cause your roof to deteriorate faster. As roofing contractors, we see this happens a lot more than you would think. Proper maintenance is key to longevity. When you do not take care of your roof you shouldn’t be surprised when premature deterioration occurs. Do not forgo specific maintenance duties. If you want to extend the lifespan of your roof taking care of it is the key.

As time passes and you’ve performed proper maintenance after a roof installation, you will find that your roof begins to leak and that damage has been done. This is nothing to worry about. You have done your duties but age is always a factor in the deterioration of anything. Roofs are no different and after years of braving the harsh elements that come with each passing season your roof is ready to move on and your house is ready for a new roof. You may want to hold onto the roof by in the end the affordability of a new roof might be in your favor. Constant repairs can be tedious and sometimes it is best to start anew.

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