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Accent Roofing has been helping property owners with roofing in the Frisco area for over 30 years

Having a proper roof installation is essential; however, there are other important considerations to be aware of in addition to selecting the right Frisco roofing company. A roof installation or roof repair in Frisco TX is more than selecting the right shingles, it also includes installing full and proper underlayment, having the proper flashing, and improving ventilation, among other things. Unfortunately, many roofing companies are in a hurry to get the job finished, looking to save money and cut corners by not assessing or addressing these components correctly.

Accent Roofing & Construction will inspect, evaluate and then properly install the right roofing system so that you will not only have a new, beautiful roof on your home, but a properly functioning roof as well. The added care our roofing company provides will give you the reassurance and confidence that you’re getting a truly great installation and one that will last. We are roofing contractors that can help you find the right type of roofing for your home, the best kind of shingle, and the perfect color to accentuate your roof.

Is it Time for a Replacement?

Installing a new roof or repairing your roof in Frisco is definitely an investment, and one of the most significant home improvement projects a property owner can take on. We understand that there are a lot of Frisco TX roofing companies to choose from, and that’s why we make sure to offer the most reliable, professional, and highest quality service possible!

Since our roofing company started, we have consistently provided the highest quality roof installation, roof maintenance, and roof repair services to Frisco and the surrounding areas. We have experienced roofers that use the best materials and offer very competitive pricing. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our finished product, so you can rest assured that you’ll have one of the highest quality roof systems available on your Frisco home.

Our Roofers in Frisco Can Provide:

  • Roof Inspection
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Installation
  • Roof Upgrade and Maintenance
  • Green Roofing and Cool Roofing Solutions
  • Metal Roof
  • Tile Roof
  • Slate Roof
  • Storm Damage Assessment

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Insurance Claim Assistance

If your Frisco TX roof received storm damage or if your property experienced fire or water damage, we are specialized in all phases of the restoration process of your property. From providing a roofing analysis of the damage, writing a full report and estimating the damages, and working directly with your insurance carrier to ensure your property receives the proper settlement, we do it all. Many times, customers are forced to complete the roof repairs based on what the insurance adjuster wrote in their estimates, while never realizing that the initial offer by the carrier can be negotiated or substantially increased depending on how the settlement estimate is written. One reason is because most roofing contractors do not have the knowledge, skill, or experience to properly work the claim. We use the same “database system” that insurance companies use to calculate the damage, however, we know how to use the component options within the estimating program to increase the available funds for our customers. We will show you this by providing you with a detailed comparative analysis that highlights where the insurance company either got it right or wrong in their estimate. About 95% of the time, we see the claim funds increased substantially because of our experience in working within this estimating system. We are very successful in this process and it makes a huge difference in the claim settlement for our customers in Frisco.

Roofing Types

Asphalt shingles are the leading choice for residential roofing in the United States because they provide quality, durability, versatility and economy. Four out of five homes are roofed with asphalt shingles and over 12.5 billion square feet of asphalt shingle products are manufactured annually – enough to cover more than 5 million homes every year. There are three major categories of  shingle products available in the market:

  • The Three-tab Roof Shingle

Standard composition shingles are referred to as three-tab shingles, because they come in  three-tabs with notches that create what appears to be three separate shingles. Three-tab shingles are the original and the most basic of roofing shingles available in the industry. Three-tab shingles are denoted by the fact that they are single layered roofing shingles that are generally designed to look like slate. Three-tab shingles have a very flat appearance on the roof line and are typically the lightest weight roofing shingles available in the market. Three-tab shingles used to be the predominant roofing shingle available and used in the market. Today, however, with significant advances in technology and consumer sophistication, three-tab shingles are used primarily by home builders or purchased by homeowners as replacement roofing shingles for homes that already have three-tab shingles on the roof.

  • The Architectural Roof Shingle

Dimensional Shingles (or Architectural Shingles) are now the predominant shingles installed in North America. These products are manufactured as dual-layered or even tri-layered products and provide a thicker and richer appearance on the roof (a multi-dimensional look). Typically, architectural shingles are heavier weight than three-tab roofing shingles and usually have improved warranty protections, which can range from 30-years to lifetime.

  • The Premium Roof Shingle

The top-of-the-line shingles for each manufacturer are referred to as premium shingles. Premium shingles are usually described as laminated shingles that have a differentiated appearance or functionality from traditional Architectural Shingles. These products may have designs that mimic “old-world” shingles, like natural slate or natural shake shingles. Premium shingles might also have important functional improvements such as impact resistance or solar reflectivity that can possibly extend the life of the roofing system or provide lower energy costs.

Clay tile is produced by baking molded clay into tile. The density of the clay is determined by the length of time and temperature at which it is heated. Tiles may be glazed and also may have surface texture treatments applied. As a result, there are a wide variety of tile profiles, styles, finishes and colors available. Installation methods depend on the nature of the tile being installed; that is, whether it is two piece, one piece, interlocking or flat.

Concrete tiles are made of Portland cement, sand and water in varying proportions. The material is mixed and extruded on molds under high pressure. The exposed surface of a tile may be finished with material colored with synthetic oxide additives. The tiles are cured to reach the required strength. They generally have lugs on their undersides for anchoring to batten strips. There are interlocking ribs on the longitudinal edges that impede movement and prevent water infiltration. As with clay tile, there are a wide variety of profiles, styles, finishes and colors available. Color may be added to the surface of a tile or dispersed throughout (color through). Special texture may be added in surface treatment.

Slate roofing tile has a long and storied history, and is generally known as one of the highest quality, longest lasting roofing materials on the market. There are several classifications for slate roof systems. The first is standard slate, which refers to slate that generally is from 3/16 inch (5 mm) to 1/4 inch (6 mm) thick with uniform length. The category “standard smooth” refers to standard slate that has a relatively smooth surface, in comparison with “standard rough” or just “rough”. Rough slate has a rougher texture and generally is available in thicker pieces. Finally, there is “graduated/textural slate,” which is designed with varying lengths and thicknesses and generally is rougher than standard slates. Slate is also available in a wide range of colors, including gray, green, purple, black, red, and mottled tiles that sport several colors mixed together.

Synthetic slate shingles are a modern replacement on a construction classic. Manufactured with virgin rubber or plastic and incorporate recycled rubber or plastic, mineral dust or cellulose fibers. Synthetic slate is designed to mirror the beauty and uniqueness of authentic slate without the expense or installation headaches.

Synthetic slate is considered a “green” building alternative—even those that use virgin materials—because all types of synthetic slate can be recycled at the end of a roof’s usable life.

Synthetic slate shingles are more durable than authentic slate, as they contain advanced ultraviolet inhibitors to reduce wear from the sun.

Safety is built-in. Synthetic slate typically contains impact modifiers to help withstand storm damage; in fact, most are certified by Underwriters Laboratories for Class 4 impact resistance, the highest level for materials. Many synthetic slates also have the highest fire-resistance rating—Class A—which means they’re effective against severe exposure to external fires, are not readily flammable and do not spread fire.

Synthetic slate shingles are lighter than all asphalt shingles. Their light weight also means that a standard roof structure can support synthetic slate shingles with no special reinforcement, making them practical for mainstream residential construction.

There are three general categories of metal roof systems used for roofing applications: Architectural metal panel, Structural metal panel and Metal shingle/shingle panels. Generally, architectural metal panel roof systems are water shedding and are intended for use on steep slope roofs. Structural metal panel roof systems are used on low and steep slope roofs. Structural metal panel roof systems can be used on low slope roofs because of their hydrostatic, or water barrier, characteristics.

Because architectural metal panel roof systems typically are designed to be used on steep slopes that will shed water rapidly over the metal panels’ surface, the seams typically are not watertight. Many architectural metal roof systems are well suited for use on roof slopes of 3 inches per foot (14 degrees) or greater. One exception to the general slope guidelines for architectural metal panel roof systems is the traditional flat seamed, soldered or welded metal roof system, such as copper. It may be specified on slopes less than 3 inches per foot (14 degrees). Solid roof sheathing, or decking, is required for architectural metal panel roof systems, and NRCA recommends using underlayment.

There are many categories of metal panels. The term “standing seam” often is used as a generic description for a class of metal roof seams. The name “standing seam” is derived from the fact that the seams are joined together above the panel flats. The term also is used to refer to a panel profile that includes a standing seam: the vertical leg/flat pan and the trapezoidal seam. The trapezoidal standing seam is more commonly associated with structural metal panels. Other panel types are batten, flat, bermuda and shingled.

The original batten seam consisted of vertical leg panels placed between wood batten strips and covered with a cap. Today, many batten seam panels are constructed entirely of metal. Because they are designed to shed water, batten seam panels primarily are used in architectural applications.

Other panel types are: batten, flat, Bermuda and shingled.

Why Choose Our Roof Service

Accent Roofing & Construction is the trusted choice when choosing a Frisco roofing company! For both residential and commercial roofing, our professionally trained contractors are committed to these standards, which are unfortunately uncommon in our industry. “Exceeding Customer Expectation” is our motto and it clearly reflects our commitment to every customer. When choosing Accent Roofing & Construction, you will discover why our Frisco roofing services are consistently getting “Five Star” ratings by our customers.

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After a devastating hail storm, we chose Accent Roofing off of a recommendation. I am so thankful I did. Lonnie fought with our insurance company back and forth for months to get every penny we needed to properly fix our home. He is so thorough and worked very hard for us. The repair process was a breeze because he took care of every detail. My house looks better after the hail storm than it did even before. He was dedicated to our project from day one and was reachable any time I needed him.

– Leslie W.

Well, where do I start? These guys are great they did an awesome job on my new roof. It was fast and quality work. The main thing is how great they did all the insurance stuff for me. Pro work here! If you need a roof call these guys the owners are a married couple and they know good service!

– Dino G.

Because of hail damage to our roof we interviewed 3 roofing contractors and hired Accent Roofing & Construction. Great Choice! Accent Roofing performed all work in a timely and professional manner. The crew did a fantastic job on our roof and all other repairs including painting the trim on our house. We are so pleased with the hands on personal care they gave to us through the entire insurance claims process, supervising all the work completed by the Accent Roofing crew and addressing any concerns we had making sure we were totally satisfied with the entire job. You will definitely be pleased when choosing Accent Roofing & Construction.

– Nina S.

Lonnie Hagen of Accent Roofing and Construction is the greatest person to work with.  He has the highest integrity, the workmanship was the best and the roof that he put on my house was “fantastic”. He worked with the insurance company to get the maximum payment and finished the work on time as promised.  I highly recommend this company for your Roofing and construction needs.

– Ava N.

Lonnie Hagen with Accent Roofing is the best in Dallas! Everyone in this company is very diligent, and pay attention to every last detail. This is a the finest roofing contractor we have ever worked with in Dallas. Highly recommend!

– Jim L.

The Accent Roofing team was very helpful working with my insurance company and made the whole process very easy. They were responsive to my questions and worked to make sure all of my repairs were done to my satisfaction. They not only replaced my roof, but also my patio cover and did a great job.

– John W.

I need a roofing service I call Accent Roofing They are professional and prompt with my roof measurements and a quote, very responsive when I needed help understanding options and pricing, and his crew did a wonderful job, not only on the new roof, but also on the cleanup after the installation.

– Jay A.

This is the best roofing contractor in Dallas! Everyone I have dealt with at Accent Roofing was extremely professional. This is a really good roofing company!

– Riad A.

Our Roofing Work

Accent Roofing & Construction is one of the most trusted roofing companies in Frisco TX because we have the highest standards of workmanship, project performance, expertise, best pricing and customer care. Our professionally trained staff of roofers in Frisco and consultants are unrelenting and committed to these standards which are uncommon and unmatched in our industry. “Exceeding Customer Expectation” is our motto and it clearly reflects our commitment to every customer and project.

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