Patio roofs are outdoor structures that attach to the existing roofline of your home and provide an area of shelter that can be used for any number of activities. They are functional outdoor areas that can be relatively cost-effective ways to add on to your home. However, to be cost-effective, you should always consider the price for any home project before you take the plunge.

The Argument for Patio Roofs

One of the most popular reasons why people choose to add a covered patio to their homes is that it is one of the most affordable ways to make a home improvement. It is much cheaper than adding a room to your house or even building an unattached outdoor structure in your backyard (unless it has been prefabricated).

Some homeowners even see adding a covered patio as an investment. When the job is done right, an attached patio roof can add to your home value. You should research reliable roofing companies within your area to ensure the patio roof is installed properly.

Another reason why people opt for this home structure is that they want to enjoy the outdoors more. A covered patio is a great way to lounge outside without being exposed to the elements. There are many options as well depending on your preference or the weather in your particular region. You can get lattice-roofed patios which would be suitable for those who want to get some sunshine without bearing the full brunt of the sun or a screened patio which offers protection from debris while still allowing for air flow.

Patio roofs are also a great way to extend the livable space of a home. Many people use their covered patio areas as an area to entertain guests and some setup patio furniture under their covered patio so that they can have an outdoor area to relax comfortably in.

Patio Roof

What you Might Pay

Ready to get started with a patio roof? Then you should know about how much it might cost you. Let’s say you have a 20 foot by 20 foot area of patio that you want to cover with standard aluminum. This project will cost you an average of about $6,000 to $10,000.

Of course, your project will be cheaper if the area you are planning to cover is smaller because you will need fewer materials.

There are other factors that can drive the cost of your project up or down as well. For example:

Do you want a screen door or siding for your patio? If so, you are looking at about $3,000 extra from the base cost. You can get really fancy and add ceiling fans as well, which can drive the price up by $500-$1000.

There are tons of options when it comes to patio roofs. You can opt for a slanted cover, a shingled cover, flat covers, lattice covers, hybrid covers, and more. Let’s say for instance that you wanted a slanted look for your outdoor patio cover, and the area you are trying to cover is 10 feet by 18 feet. Depending on the materials you use, you will be looking at about $10,000.

A wood framed patio roof of this size with shingles will cost about $6,000 for the framing materials and labor plus about another $1,000 for the shingling, another $1,700 for additional roofing materials and labor and maybe about $500 for the painting.

This is pretty much a bare-bones job too. This is without all the bells and whistles like ceiling fans and high-end materials. Other things to consider when calculating cost are if you will need more cement poured onto your patio, more construction is done on your wood patio before installation and whether or not you will need an existing patio cover structure to be demoed.

Ventilation and gutters also must be considered when installing a patio roof. These factors should be calculated into the cost of any project you bring to a professional roofing contractor.

Types of Materials to Look Out For

There are all kinds of materials you can use for your patio roofing and really, the best choice will be the one that suits your budget, the demands of the weather, the look of your home and your specific desires. Some of the most used types of materials include:

Stainless Steel roofing is preferable to a lot of people because of how long they last and how well they hold up to high wind conditions. Stainless steel patio roofs are also fire-resistant.

Copper is also a popular choice because it is lightweight, and it stands up to mildew and mold. A properly installed copper patio roof can last up to 50 years too.

Aluminum is often opted for by homeowners because it comes in a wide array of styles that can match the aesthetic of a home. The maintenance on aluminum patio roofs is also, and they do not need to be repainted. Perhaps the most appealing characteristic of aluminum patio roofing though is the cost. It costs about $7-$10 per square foot installed.

Fiberglass can be an attractive option when you want your patio roof to let the sunlight in but not the UV rays. They are also handy for funneling water efficiently from the roof structure.

Lattice Wood patio covers lend a classic style to your outdoor areas while providing sturdy protection from debris and the elements.

Typically, wooden and aluminum roofing materials will be cheaper than metal roofing and so will the installation, so if the price is a factor for you, those are probably your best options.

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