Just about any contractor can put a roof on and can make it look good when it’s first installed. The problem is if there is an issue with the roof, will the contractor stand behind his work and will he offer a workmanship warranty? There should be two warranties with every roof installed, a workmanship warranty and a manufacturer’s materials warranty. The contractor should warranty the work of the installer … the manufacturer warranties the material used against defects in manufacturing.

Even if a workmanship warranty is offered it is only as good as the company that installs your new roof. The problem is, many roofing companies are not firmly establish so they go out of business, while others are storm chasing companies going from state to state and are here today and then gone to the next storm area tomorrow. With these types of companies it may be difficult to get them to back up a claim in the event there is defective workmanship.

Accent Roofing & Construction is a well established local roofing company that offers a workmanship warranty that we fully back up. We will be there for you in the event something happens to your roof after the installation. By working with us you will not be at risk of wasting your money and potentially not getting a warranty claim covered in the event that your roof has an issue.

Two warranties covering the entire roof system.

  1. Workmanship warranty Accent Roofing warrants all of the work it does on your roof for 5 full years after installation.
  2. Manufacturer’s warranty Accent Roofing selects only top manufacturers that provide the best quality products. These products come with warranties that provide adequate coverage for you. The manufacturer warranty varies according to the quality of product you select, from 20 years to lifetime.


Please note: Usually problems with either workmanship or manufacturers products show up in a short time after the installation. Accent Roofing & Construction will make sure that you are taken care and will fully stand behind its workmanship warranty as a reliable contractor and will also contact the manufacturer if any defective products are found. Accent Roofing & Construction has you covered.

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